20 insights of wisdom I would tell my teenage self

I truly believe, that where you are in life today, who you have become, the people you have in your life, and how you are living your life, is a direct reflection of the choices you have made.

When I look back in time on my life, I don’t have any regrets. Did I do things that probably weren’t the best for me? Absolutely! But the struggles I went through, and the ‘bad choices’ I made, have shaped who I am today. I wouldn’t be living the life I am living today, or be who I am today, if it wasn’t for the lessons I have learnt, and decisions I have made along the way. And for that, I am forever grateful.

How ever in saying this, if I had the chance to sit my younger, precious and vulnerable self down, and share with her the wisdom I have now, to guide her in the right direction and lead her on a path of ease and grace, here are 20 insights of wisdom I would share with her…

1. You ARE beautiful, whole and complete just as you are, and don’t need to change for anybody

2.  Your body is your temple and the only place you have to live, so nourish it, move it daily, and treat it with love. With out your health, you have nothing

3. It is OK to ask for help, you aren’t expected to know everything and do everything on your own. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength

4. Before anyone can love you and treat you right, you must first love yourself and treat yourself right. Self love starts from within and is a commitment you have to make to yourself everyday.

5. Surround yourself only, with people that lift you and bring you higher. Toxic people will only bring you down and dim your brightness

6. You have a message only YOU can share with this world to make a difference. Own that, and spread your magic everywhere. The world needs it

7. What you think and say you become. Choose your words and thoughts wisely. What ever you want more of in your life, tell that to the universe, instead of focusing on what you don’t want

8. Let any resistance and fear you have in your life go. What ever you are mentally resisting in your life, is only going to show up as a form of physical illness

9. All you have is right now. Stop worrying about the past, or tripping over the future. Worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, is just a waste of your precious energy, and you are only going to miss the beauty of the present moment, and you can never get that back

10. Your intuition is going to be your biggest and best tool to get you through life. Use it wisely,  and don’t ever ignore it. Your heart will never steer you wrong

11. Meditation is food for your mind, body and soul. Don’t go a day without it.

12. Your biggest struggles are going to become your biggest achievements and triumphs. I promise you.

13. You don’t need permission from anyone to be you, or to do anything you want to do. Give that permission to yourself, and go for it beautiful!

14. Your parents love you more then you know. Don’t be mad with them. They weren’t given a handbook on how to be good parents. They were learning along the way and did the best with what they knew. Everything they did, was done with loving intentions

15. You don’t need to be the best at school or the top of your grade to be successful. Success comes from pursuing what you love, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

16. When it comes to money, you need to have an abundant mind frame if you want more, instead of coming from a place of fear and scarcity. Focus on what you love, and making a difference in this world, and the money WILL follow

17. Set goals, have a vision and work towards it every single day. You will get there as long as you don’t quit

18. Your soul mate will show up only when you have an undying love for yourself first. When you are madly in love with your soul mate, it will change every aspect of your mind, body and soul. Love them passionately, and show appreciation for them every single day, and don’t ever bring baggage from past relationships

19. Gratitude is the number ONE key to attracting more of what you want and love. It is like giving the universe a great big hug, there for, it will deliver more of the good stuff

20. Stop comparing yourself to other people. It is only going to sap you of your happiness and greatness. Take RESPONSIBILITY for your life, and stop blaming others for what you do or don’t have. You are the only one that can control the outcome.


Share the love…!

Now I want to hear from you! I would love for you to share with me and all of the other amazing women that visit this space every day, what little insights of wisdom would you so lovingly want to give to your younger self, so that you could help guide her on the right path throughout life.

Let me know below beautiful.

With Love,

Alissa xx



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