4 reasons why you need to stop waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to start

It’s that famous, default saying and way of thinking so many of us have. We say we want to do something, and then it always follows with ‘Yea but, I just don’t know when to start’ We are ALWAYS just waiting for the perfect moment to start.

While I agree, it is wise to be smart with your timing, whether it is embarking on a new adventure, making a decision, or creating change in your life, there is very much a difference between being ‘smart’ with your timing, and just straight out missing the boat on an opportunity because you keep waiting for the perfect time.

Here are 4 reasons why you need to STOP waiting for that perfect moment…

1. You only have now, you aren’t guaranteed tomorrow – Here is the thing, that ‘perfect’ moment, is actually right NOW, and it always will be. Why is that you ask? Because all we ever have is right now. Literally. And now, and now, and now, and so on…That is how quickly life moves. The past has just gone, and we are never guaranteed tomorrow. The problem is, we walk and talk as if we are promised tomorrow, and that is a very naive way of thinking.

Throughout my healing journey, it took me quite a while to unlearn my old way of thinking of ‘I’ll just wait for the right time’ because like most of us, that was my default answer and way of living. Until I really understood and grasped the concept of, all we have is now, there for, the only right time is now, if I really want to make ‘XYZ’ happen

2. You can always figure out HOW to do something, but an opportunity missed is an opportunity missed – Richard Branson has a quote, that has been embedded in my brain ever since I heard it, and I live by it daily. He said ‘If someone offers you a great opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later’ A little nugget of wisdom, isn’t it!?

There is always a way to figure out how to do something, even when you aren’t sure. That is the beauty of the world we live in today. But an opportunity doesn’t always come around twice, in fact they rarely do. So once it is gone, it’s gone. How many times have you not jumped on an opportunity because you weren’t sure how you were going to do it, or, whether or not it was the right time, only to look back and say ‘I should have done that when I had the chance’

My friends and family think I am crazy sometimes, but if I ever want to do something now, I just do it, even if I am not sure how, and I will ALWAYS find a way to make it work. This is also an abundant way of living, because you are confirming to the universe that yes, I am willing to accept what ever opportunity comes my way, and my sweet friend, in doing so, you will attract more. It’s magical!

3. Its one of the quickest ways you can grow – I know it can be heart pumping, stuff to do girl! But jumping head first in to the unknown, and embarking on a new adventure, is one of the fastest ways you can grow mentally as a person. When we hold ourselves back from ‘starting’ we are holding ourselves back from growth as well, every time. Our mission in this world is to grow and evolve, spiritually, mentally and physically. So when we just take action, whether it works out or not, we have grown, and we have learnt another lesson that is going to contribute to our quality of life. If you don’t allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone, you risk living a mediocre life that will always remain the same, and beautiful you are destined for so much more then that.

4. Inspired action creates momentum – The most successful people in the world today, when ever asked, ‘how did you know when to start’ will always say, ‘I didn’t, I just started’ – Inspired action creates momentum. This means the only way to know if something is going to work or not, is to just do it! It is also the only way you are going to make that ‘thing’ happen.

Once you start, you create a momentum which will then allow you to take what ever steps you need to take to accomplish your dreams. Some steps will be lessons that needed to be learnt in order for you to keep going, and some steps will lead to success. It is all part of this game called life we are all playing.


Share the love…!

Now I want to hear from you! I would love for you to share with me and all of the other amazing women that visit this space every day, do you struggle to take that leap of faith and just start? When was the last time you held yourself back from doing something you really wanted to do because you just didn’t know if the timing was right? Or alternatively, if you are really good at getting started, share with us below, which steps you take to help you along the way?

With Love,

Alissa xx



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