4 things to do when you have lost your ‘zest’ for life

Do you wake up every morning BURSTING out of your skin to start the day? If the answer is NO, then my next question to you is, why the heck not!? Do you think one day things will just change? That one day you will wake up and your life will be different? You will be doing what you love, with the people you love, living your DREAM life?

Well here is the truth. It’s not going to girlfriend. Nothing changes if YOU don’t change. So if you are going to get up and continue doing the same thing every single day, then you can be sure the life you are currently living is going to stick around too. Just this week, I was speaking to a friend of mine, who said, ‘Alissa, it is so awesome you can do what you love every day. I wish I could do that. I’m 33 and still don’t really know what to do, but I feel like I don’t even have anything in mind either. I don’t have a passion or even things I love like you do, so I guess for me I just have to settle for my job even though I don’t enjoy it, because it pays the bills’

That right there, breaks my heart…Not one of us was put on this earth to suffer, or to do things we don’t love, or to even feel like a slave to our own lives. Yet I hear it all the time, and I speak to so many people that ‘settle’ in life, simply because they don’t feel they are worthy of more, or the fear of the unknown is too scary, so it is easier to stay where they are. I also hear a lot of people say, ‘I don’t know what I love, I don’t know what I want to do’

My answer to that is, find it then sista! What do we normally do in life if we don’t know the answer to something but we want to find out? We research, we ask the right people, we eventually find our answer. The same thing applies to when you are trying to figure out what you love in life, and what lights you up.

When we feel flat and uninspired, or we have no ‘zest’ for life, that is like a red flag alert, that something needs to change, and that you aren’t currently living your life to it’s fullest potential, or even living your truth. Because when you are, believe me, you will know.

Monday’s are freakin’ awesome! You aren’t living for the weekend, then get to Friday and say TGIF! You actually cannot WAIT to get out of bed in the morning. Snooze button? What’s that? 

Do you have those feelings? If you are sitting there shaking your head, then maybe it is time you find your ‘zest’ for life again. Below are 4 steps you can start TODAY, to find it.

1. Acknowledge your not happy – The reason why so many people settle, is because they are in denial about being unhappy in the first place. It is OK to admit you want more. It is OK to say you aren’t happy doing what you are doing. To change anything, you first have to be aware that things needs to change, and you also need to accept it. Take some time to reflect on your life. Are you TRULY lit up from the inside out? And if you aren’t, then why? Where in your life do you need to make some changes if you were REALLY honest with yourself? If you are always living for the weekend, dread going to work every day, and feel no excitement, then there is something you need to ‘get honest’ about.

2. Visualise where you DO want to be – Start with one thing, and think about what you want in your life. What would make you feel so full with love and excitement if you had the opportunity to have it or be it? If I was genie, and could grant you anything you wish, how would you like to live? If you are sitting there saying, I don’t have anything – open yourself up, and allow yourself to really go inwards. Every single person walking this planet knows what truly makes them happy, so if you can’t feel it yet, close your eyes and start from the inside. Think of the last time you did something where you felt really good. What were you doing? Who were you with. Start there. Just get out of your own way, even for a few minutes, and allow yourself to look beyond what you can see.

3. Set yourself a new goal – Again, even if you just start with one goal! Something new, something different, a new challenge that is going to ever so slightly bring you a little outside your comfort zone. Because guess what, with every new challenge or step you take, you grow, and you find out a little more about yourself. And a lot of the time, a new goal leads you to a new opportunity and open door. The point is you need to start somewhere if you want to get yourself out of a funk. And starting somewhere means allowing new doors to be opened. Is it enrolling yourself in to a new course and studies? Is it signing up to a new gym or yoga class, is it cooking your favourite dish, saving for something you have wanted for a long time, anything! Just give yourself something to look forward to.

4. Take action! – I think this step is pretty obvious, but a dream, wish or new venture can’t happen if you don’t make it happen by taking action. If you aren’t sure where to start, then find some support. Maybe a close friend, family member, work colleague or even a coach. There is ALWAYS someone you can turn to, to help you out. You don’t need to try and figure out everything on your own. In fact, sharing with the people close to you, what you are thinking of doing and why, is awesome for moral support! It is also a great way to hold yourself accountable. I do it often in my business and in life. If I have set myself a goal and I know it is really going to push and stretch me in a good way, I will always tell my partner or mentors so that they can hold me accountable to it.

Your life isn’t meant to be boring. In fact it is meant to be the complete opposite! Fun, exciting, fulfilling, rich, juicy, empowering, inspiring, joyful, the list goes on! Being stuck in a ‘funk’ is SO normal, in fact I am sure everyone goes through a ‘funk’ at least once in their life. But it doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Life is too freakin’ short for that. Don’t get caught up in your own pity party just waiting for things to change, or just accepting what is. Decide TODAY that you are actually going to start living, instead of operating on auto-pilot every day.

There is so much fun to be had in a world as beautiful as this gorgeous! So I would LOVE to hear from you! Even email me back and let me know what it is you have decided to do. Nothing lights me up more, then hearing about your goals, and knowing you are achieving them!


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