Alissa Buttiglieri, Founder

Mindset Mastery Mavens Academy, Leading Mindset Coach, Journaling Expert and Speaker.

Alissa Buttiglieri, founder of Mindset Mastery Mavens Academy, is a global mindset expert and speaker specialising in unblocking subconscious beliefs to help one clear the path and become a vibrational match for what they desire, FAST.

In 2012 Alissa started her business, from scratch with nothing, and has since then, turned it in to a 6-figure global empire, having ran multiple events, spoken on national stages, mentored and coached hundreds if not thousands of incredible women all over the globe through her online presence, online programs and courses, speaking events and private mentoring and podcast.

Her work is known to be incredibly effective.

Like everyone, Alissa went through her own journey and personal healing which she has shared across her social media many times over the years, and from that, realised that she had a very unique gift and way of helping other completely rewire their subconscious blueprint and programming. So she has committed herself to doing that ever since. During her own healing journaling, she discovered and mastered the Art of Journaling, and to this day will tell you, it has been a life-changing tool for her, that she still uses in her every day life. So much so, after her own frustrations in the beginning with journaling, not understanding how to do it properly, she discovered the blueprint, science, psychology and language behind journaling that ACTUALLY works.

It is SO MUCH more then just writing words in to a book

There is an art to it, and once you know it, it can change your world in moments.

This is why she went on to also create ‘Journaling School’ - in-depth trainings and workshops around HOW to journal properly that take you through it step by step!

Alissa is also extremely passionate about our planet, humanity and our Mumma Earth, and is so committed to being a voice for the changes that NEED to be made on our planet today, as well as being the best example of that in her own life and choices daily. Our Mumma Earth is crying out for us, she needs us.

With Alissa’s guidance in her workshops and trainings, you will receive all the tools you’ll ever need to effectively manifest the reality you desire, as well as shift and clear a lifetime of subconscious beliefs that are literally blocking your abundance, freedom, happiness and joy - you were put here on this earth to THRIVE not just SURVIVE.

ABUNDANCE is our natural state, it is time to bring yourself back home.


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