Are You Hiding Part Of You From The World?

Just recently, over the past month, I have managed to almost triple my income in my biz. I have had the biggest month to date, income wise in my business.

So why am I sharing this with you? Because I have learned a VERY valuable, and expensive lesson to get me here, and I am about to be completely honest and open with you about it. And there is a good chance it may ruffle a few feathers.


You see for the past 3 years in business, it has all been about establishing myself. And at the very least, staying above water! Who am I? What is my message? What is my unique voice? How can I help people? How am I different? Or, am I even different at all!? It has felt like a rollercoaster, full of crazy highs where I didn’t think I could feel any higher, and then full of crazy lows, where I felt like a boxer in a ring, blow after blow, after blow, having to constantly get myself back up on my feet again, and fight another round. Because if you quit, you lose. And the truth is, I love it all.

There is something about adversity. I love it. It’s like it brings out the best in me, every.single.damn.time. Right when I am at breaking point, or under an immense amount of pressure, is when I will pull the certain and put on my best show. And I believe if we can ALL learn to love adversity, you will learn some of your biggest lessons, and experience the most amount of growth in your life.

When we start in business, we tend to look over our shoulder, and look at ‘what everyone else is doing and saying’ And that is totally normal right? We look for the people who are successful doing what we want to do. We look up to them. And so we should! I ALWAYS say, if you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people, and become a freakin’ sponge! BUT… there does come a point, when doing this, can become detrimental to you and your success.


This is a mistake, and a hard lesson I had to learn. In the pursuit of surrounding myself with successful, kick-ass people, I started to lose my own voice. I was focussing SO much on trying to do all of the ‘right’ things, making sure I was doing and saying what everyone else was doing and saying, you know, the people who were getting it right, that I actually lost who I was in business, and I suppressed a side of me, I THOUGHT I had to hide, and suppress, in order to become successful.


You see, I have always been a performer, more vocal, more forward, and to be honest, I LOVE hustling hard! And being in the industry I am in, full of wellness and life coaches, it is all very much about flow, and grace, and a ‘it will all happen in divine timing, when the stars align’, approach. And while I LOVE my green smoothies, yoga, and meditation, and I will always incorporate these things in to my life DAILY, when it comes to business, the only thing that will get you to the top, is consistent, hard work, and the ability to hustle freakin’ hard, every single day! Even when you are tired, even when you want to quit, and even when you don’t ‘feel’ like it, and even on the weekends! That is it. There is no other way around it.

Wanting to earn lots of money, become super rich doing what you love, and maybe even a little famous, is really looked down upon in the wellness industry. How dare you say that you want to earn lots of money. It is all about focussing on the ‘love’ don’t focus on the money.


YES, it is absolutely about serving from the heart, and adding value to people lives. That is a given and running your business with heart and a shitload of passion is a MUST! But let’s get real here! If you aren’t focussing on your financial goals as well, or even have them at the forefront of your mind, and instead, shoving them under the yoga mat, just praying you will get there ‘one day’ because you are a good person, and drink green smoothies, here is a little truth for you – they are not going to happen. You cannot manifest something you don’t focus on. And maybe that is exactly why you are struggling right now?

You ARE allowed to want money, heck we all do! You ARE allowed to be hot, rich and successful. It does NOT make you a bad person, or mean that you are greedy, narcissistic or ‘not aligned’

And this is a side of me I suppressed for a very long time. The side of me that is kick-ass. The side of me that LOVES to hustle, and inspire with passion. For a long time, I have just confirmed, and ran my business, being someone who I thought I HAD to , because if I didn’t, I would be looked down upon. I can’t work hard. I can’t be kick-ass about what I am doing. There is something wrong with me if I take that approach, right? I need to be graceful and ‘slow’. WRONG.


A few months ago, my eyes opened. BIG TIME. I have created more content, I have worked longer hours, I have put myself out there more, and guess what – financially, the results are showing in my business. Surprise, surprise!

I struggled financially in my business for so long, and while I know it can take 3-5 years to build a profitable business, I also knew I could have been doing a hell of a lot better than what I was.

So I decided to get ‘real’ with myself, and I stopped being so stubborn about it! I have allowed the performer in me to come out. The kick-ass version of me, that has ALWAYS been in side of me, but I hid for so long. I started getting real about my financial goals, and I let go of the stigma that money is ‘bad’ or that if I focus on the money, I wont create success. What a load of BS.

So what can you take from this? Well, first of all, I want you to ask yourself, is there a side of you, that you a hiding, because you think you have to, in order to succeed? You know, the ‘real’ you. Have you lost who you really are in business? Do you feel like you when you talk, you have SO much more to say? Because I know I felt that way, for such a long time. To say, do and be who you REALLY are in your business. Because if you aren’t showing up, as the FULL version of you, what ever that looks like to you, or even a second rate version of someone else, THAT right there, is going to hinder your success. I promise you. In order to succeed, you have to be the FULL BLOWN version of you baby, unapologetically!

And secondly, understand, that if you want to make money, you need to get real about it, and stop being fluffy about it. You deserve to be successful, you deserve to earn lots of money and be super hot, WHILE you are changing the lives of others at the same time! So stop feeling shameful about it, and start owning your awesome (and worth!)

Do you need to get real with yourself in some way? Whether it is around WHO you are showing up as in your business, or even life? Do you need to get real when it comes to your money goals and success? Maybe you actually need to take the first step and acknowledge that money is actually OK, and set your goals! Because I can tell you, getting real with yourself and who YOU are, is the fastest way, to reach the life and success you are after. YES it takes guts to be you. It takes a lot of guts. But that is who the world wants to see. And being you is the easiest person you will ever have to be.

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