Master Manifestation


Master Manifestation re-launches 12th February 2018

I honestly cannot begin to tell you, how powerful this program has actually been.

You see, when I created the 8 STEP FORMULA, I knew it would be powerful, but if I am being honest, I had no idea it would shift people as quickly as it has, within, weeks, days, and I am not even kidding, HOURS of going through this program.

Some even created shifts and manifested things with out even completing the whole 8 steps yet, and some just by signing up!

I have been diving in to the world of manifestation for years now. And it is fair to say, I have mastered the art of manifestation, which is why I now teach it.

Every single step I teach in this program, are the exact 8 steps I use in my life every day, to manifest at lightening speed, literally anything I desire.

I wanted to share with you a few of the stories below from some of those who have gone through it.



'Alissa's Learn How to Manifest online program was incredible! I wasn't sure what to expect but she blew me away with her talent and inspired me to work hard to remove the blocks getting in the way of manifesting what I desire. I have already learnt so much about myself and manifested things (mind you, I didn't realise that I was actually manifesting them until I reflected upon them!) Thank you, universe, for bringing this program and the beautiful Alissa Buttiglieri to me just when I needed it' 

- Emma

'I completed this course last year & regularly go back to this when I need to reboot or a new issue pops up! If you do the work, follow the steps it’s totally fool proof. I literally called women into my life, grew my business, manifested over $8000 (random backpay I didn’t realise I was owed), started building our dream deck and even James managed to manifest some cash! 

If you really want to shift things in your life, want to create more flow and do things with ease then this simple 8 step course has your name on it' 

- Kelly

'The manifestation course run by Alissa is awesome and so inspiring. You learn about your blocks and how to remove them and once that happens, worlds your oyster' - Norah

'Literally within a few days you start to manifest things into your life. I manifested $200 gifted to me, seat upgrades and gifts from my sister' 

- Neha

'Am loving it. Just the knowledge of how to figure out where my blocks are coming from and how to release them has been amazing.. I feel like I finally have a strategy to deal with my emotions (+ what you spoke about in the VIP group the other night around dealing with emotions you've been suppressing has helped so much). I feel lighter and I feel like I can do this!!!' 

- Cath

'Thank you Ali for the amazing course you have put together. It's well structured, easy to follow and also challenging at the same time. You have truly created a wonderful 8 step process and I have seen so many changes in only 8 days!! Your energy and passion for what you do comes across in a beautifully genuine, humble & knowledgable way & you have created a beautiful space to share with others doing the process too' 

- Beth

'Wow my first opportunity to write a review for this amazing course . New client signed & to think she approached me as I was doing my laundry ! Always been adept at manifestation but with Alissa Buttiglieri 's brilliant mentoring know now my skill will be next level ! Alissa SO grateful was guided to work with you this year .Can not speak more highly of you, it really has been life changing . Thank you beautiful' 

- Jennifer

'Alissa's 8 day manifestation course will leave you knowing that you can manifest everything your heart desires. It's a simple yet very effective 8 day course where each day you learn a step in the process of manifesting the life you deserve. There will be laughs and tears and raw emotions will come up as you go through each day, but coming towards the end of learning how to manifest you would have connected with some AMAZING people who have the most beautiful energy that you won't want it to end' 

- Natalia

'I am loving this manifesting formula. Alissa is dynamic and inspirational. Gorgeous people in this group' 

- Rosa

 I could keep sharing more, but I think you get the idea of what this program can do for you within days.

DAY 1 - Clarity
DAY 2 - Belief 
DAY 3 - Releasing the How/Removal of Blocks
DAY 4 - Daily Journalling/Meditation​
DAY 5 - Inspired Action
DAY 6 - Detachment
DAY 7 - Gratitude
DAY 8 - Receive


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