My 8 biggest take-aways from 2015.. in CAREER, LOVE and HEALTH

At the end of every year, I love to reflect on what my biggest lessons and takeaways have been. Doing this is a really good way to remind yourself of the growth you have made. We never really take the time to do this during the year and I feel it is such an important thing to do if you truly want to unleash the best possible version of yourself.

So without going on, here are my 8 biggest take-aways from 2015…

1. The relationship you have with yourself will determine what your life looks like – This has come to be probably the BIGGEST realisation for me overall. It has also become my message and teaching to this world. I know, it is what I have been put on this earth to teach. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING comes back down to how strong the bond you have with yourself is. Your life is like one big mirror. If there is something that isn’t quite working whether it be a relationship, a job, your finance, your health, what ever it may be, then you need to first work on building an unbreakable bond with yourself for it to all fall in to place.

2. Quality people = Quality Life – If you want a quality life, then without question, the people you choose to have surround you must be quality people. This doesn’t mean you just cut people off all together, or that not every one is a quality human being. Absolutely, we are ALL quality in our own unique way. But I do believe everyone has a tribe that is right for them, and I know I have certainly found mine. It means lovingly being very selective when it comes to who takes up your time. I used to feel guilty and selfish about being ‘selective’. Now, I know it is actually a birth right to only have people in my life who add value, and who’s lives I can add value to as well. It works both ways. Surround yourself with people, who lift and inspire you, and even people who are exactly where you want to be. It will push you to be better. Trust me.

3. If you are doing something every day, you ARE succeeding – There is no doubt we are our own biggest critics. Which to me is a good thing, as long as it is constructive, and not fear based (mean girl) and soul destroying. But a HUGE lesson I have learnt this year is to stop focussing so much on the ‘end’ result, but more so tap yourself on the back, and acknowledge all of the small steps you take daily. If you are doing something every day, let me tell you right now, you ARE succeeding. It’s in these small steps where the magic truly happens, and they all add up to your big dream.

4. The right time to start anything is ‘right now’ – Alright, I’m just going to get straight in to this one. Becoming an Entrepreneur has definitely taught me that there is absolutely never a ‘right time’ to start anything, except for in the very moment you are contemplating whether or not to start. So often we can put something off for so long because we are waiting for the perfect time, and then we end up missing the boat. In Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book ‘Big Magic’ she talks about recognising when an opportunity knocking and meant to be yours. Taking note of the calling, and if it is your truth, then take action. She also say’s that an opportunity will only knock for so long, until it makes it’s way to the next person, and usually that is when you have missed your chance. Take note of opportunities that are your truth, and get comfortable starting before you feel ‘ready’ There is so much growth to be made when you can.

5. The relationships in your life will become your greatest teaches – Straight up, if you want to learn ANYTHING about yourself, then look at how you respond and behave within different relationships in your life. With your partner, work colleagues, family and friends. They all play a part in helping you understand, and more importantly, become aware of where you are lacking (so to speak) mentally, spiritually and physically, and where you need to grow. Becoming FULLY aware of this has been game changing for me. Is it uncomfortable? You bet! It makes you feel completely naked and vulnerable, mixed with a hell of a lot of responsibility. But is it worth it? More then you will ever imagine.

6. When you choose LOVE in every moment, you will always win – I don’t know how it is so powerful, but it is like magic pixy dust! LOVE seriously conquers all. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what you believe in, love will honestly defuse anything. You really only have two options in life. You can choose love, or you can choose fear. It’s that simple. Just imagine, if everyone in this world operated from a place of love, and sprinkled love everywhere they go. There would be no war, or hate, and we certainly wouldn’t live in a world where fear is so dominating. When love is present, fear cannot survive. When you feel like you need love, give more love. That is the key to finding inner peace. Even when someone isn’t being loving towards you, recognise it’s because they need love and send love to them.

7. An abundant mindset attracts an abundant life – I never really fully grasped the concept of this until earlier this year. If you want abundance in all areas of your life, and you want the ability to manifest the things you desire, having a ‘lack’ mentality isn’t going to get you there. You have to believe, with every single cell in your body, firstly, that you are worthy of what you want. Secondly, you have to imagine and feel what it would feel like to have it. Picture yourself financially free, see yourself getting up and doing what you love every day, imagine yourself living with phenomenal health. Watch your words like ‘I can’t’ or ‘I will never’ Those words stem straight from fear and a scarce mentality. The key to abundance is walking and talking like you already have it 😉

8. Nothing goes away until it teaches us what we have to learn – You know that same thing that just keep happening ‘to you’ and you just don’t understand!? Really, it’s that ‘thing’ your just not paying attention to. Whether it’s good or bad, the universe will keep throwing at you the same experiences over and over again until you have taken notice, and learnt the lesson. Just accept it. The universe is only going to throw at you your truth. So when you ignore it, you can be certain there will ALWAYS be a consequence. So I encourage you, the next time something just ‘keeps happening’ take a long hard look at it, and find the lesson inside of it. An easy way to do this is to ask yourself ‘what is my truth’ in this situation, and what is a habit I seem to keep repeating. Once you know, you then have the ability to choose again.


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