Praise + Gratitude

I had considered contacting Alissa for a while before actually doing so, all because I was battling with myself about whether to spend the money or not. As soon as I'd had my first session, I realised that what I had paid was just a small price compared to what I would gain for myself.

Most of my life I have struggled with anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem and an uncertainty about who I actually am and although I know these things will constantly try to resurface, Alissa has given me the tools to handle them when they do.

Each session Alissa has encouraged me to be truely honest with myself, and to look at every single scenario in life in a different light. She has taught me that perception is everything, and all of life's events are neutral until we attach an emotion to it -this lesson in itself has been a life changer for me.

Alissa has provided constant support, guidance and encouragement throughout this experience. I am so thankful for Alissa, and for what she has taught me to finally live my truth.

Amy Janda June 19, 2016

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Having Alissa as my coach and being apart of this program has opened my eyes to many things about myself, my life and past experiences. During our sessions Alissa has really shown me how past experiences have affected my current views on life and her guidance is helping me unlearn and relearn. The greatest thing I have learnt in such a short time is learning more about myself.
Alissa is more than just a coach to me, she is a friend and I can't thank her enough for the help she has given me so far into this journey of mine

Emma McDonald March 21, 2016

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Hour of Power...I am SO glad I went along that first night. It was Life changing. This girl has such a passion for helping you reach your full potential. For breaking down barriers and help you realise what's blocking you and holding you back. The passion Alissa ignites in you makes you so excited about life, its contagious and you tell everyone. Its an hour of positive greatness and I can't wait to be back next year. Thank you to Alissa, you changed my world more than you know xx

Ally Monaghan December 22, 2015

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I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for last nights Hour Of Power. It is such a wonderful night to reflect on ourselves and what we are carrying with us from the past. I have taken your advice about promoting change within my current situation. I really love these events, they are teaching me so much and really bring me back to the here and now. 

Kate Drady December 22, 2015

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The first night I attended the Hour Of Power I was nervous. I didn't know what to expect & whether it would be for me. Within 5 minutes however of meeting Alissa I knew it was where I was meant to be. I watched her welcome not only me but everyone else into the group with open arms, I could tell she truly meant every uplifting, kind, soul centred word she said.

Every week with her love & guidance I have become stronger, empowered & healthier. I would recommended to anyone that is wanting to make the most of their life to come along to the group & work with Alissa because its one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. In two months due to relaxing & being true to me I have reduced my blood pressure from extremely dangerous levels to it now being under control. I'm even allowed to slowly reduce my medication.

I have healed a stomach issue that saw me requiring serious surgery & my anxiety is slowing improving.I have quit a job that was killing me & you have given me the tools to find myself again.

I'm getting healthier & happier everyday. My husband & I are enjoying being newlyweds because he has his wife back & for the first time in forever I remember what I want to do with my life & I'm motivated as hell.

Lisa Hamilton December 22, 2015

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For many years I have been battling with weight issues and a constant stream of negative self talk putting myself down and letting people walk all over me, just to 'fit in'

After attending Alissa's events and completing the 8 Week Self-Mastery Boot Camp, I have learnt so much about myself. I have kept myself going, growing and completely changed my life for the better. I am happier, more content and more present then I have ever been.

I highly recommend attending any of Alissa's programs. They are fantastic, truly, and a great way to get started on creating the life you deserve.

Bec Simpson July 18, 2016

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For years I have been struggling with anxiety and figuring out my true self. I can now say, after my sessions with Alissa, that I am much more in control of my life and I’m beginning to find my true self. After each session, I had gained so much knowledge and tools to implement in my life that have changed me in a way that I cannot believe! I have direction, strength, gratitude and so much more self-love. It is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself and would highly recommend Alissa to anyone, especially those who are waiting for things to come to you, you will gain the power to live the life you deserve and want, and go and get it. I am so comfortable in my skin now, I feel I can accomplish and take on anything

Kasey Whiley December 22, 2015

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I’ve been lucky enough to have the beautiful Ali as my mentor. She is the person who won’t take any of my self sabotaging nonsense! Ali has a gift of knowing what your capabilities are before you do. Even when things are scary and you doubt you can do it, Ali  has this zen like belief in you that you will be able to achieve it. ” I can’t” is not negotiable with Ali. With her gentle persistence of “come on, yes you can” you end up doing things that your normal negative self talk would never allow you to do.  Ali continuously challenges me physically and mentally and I LOVE IT!!!! Most importantly for me, Ali makes me feel good about myself and I always walk away smiling (actually, laughing my head off) she’s so great to be around.  I have grown so much since being in her presence and I look forward to our continuing journey.

Dani Ziino December 22, 2015

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When I thought all was great within my relationship of a year with my partner it all started to crumble from the sides.I never wanted to end my relationship, but knew I needed an outside opinion besides calling upon my mother. That is when I turned to Alissa.She wasn’t biases and gave me options and advice to question my relationship and it has made it stronger then it ever was.I would recommend Alissa to anyone needing guidance or a fresh start to a frustrating situation. Alissa always takes the time to understand your situation and goes above and beyond to guide you through tough times.

Amy Sirianni December 22, 2015

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Your words are something I've been needing to hear & now is the perfect time to make peace with myself to better my future & self acceptance. I strongly recommend this workshop for anyone who is needing to let out any issues holding you back to live your best life, take time for you & have nothing but self love for your future. Thankyou Alissa xx

Beccy Sedgman December 22, 2015

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Ali is truly an excellent mentor and coach.

She motivates me to push past my physical and mental limits therefore I am achieving results and becoming one step closer to reaching my final goal. She has given me my confidence back and most importantly to be proud of who I am.

She has encouraged me to never doubt myself and to stay positive.

“You had the ability in you all along, all you needed was the belief in yourself”- Alissa.

I cannot thank you enough Ali for believing in me and bringing out the best in me. You are inspiration and I am honoured to be coaching with you. You have helped me change for the better and to become a healthier and happier person.

Michelle Bridges December 22, 2015

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My first few sessions, I was upset, confused, even resistent. But once I had an open mind to try the things being said, my attitude to myself and my life literally changed in my 5th session.

Im so glad I gave it a go. It really has helped me more than I first thought. I had my breakdown moments and it really does allow you to see the problems and think about how to fix them positively.

Even if you feel like a failure and you'll never be what you want, just try every option and see what works. For me, Alissa was my light at the end of the tunnel.

Joanne Callow December 22, 2015

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