Respond when your intuition is calling (my latest wake up call)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you did something, and you don’t even know why you did it, but it just felt right? Whether it was the beginning of a new relationship or friendship, a plane ticket to Thailand, a new job, a meal you ordered at a restaurant, an online course you decided to register for, what ever it was, there was no explanation as to WHY you did it, it just felt like the right thing to do. Like you had an internal pull telling you to act upon it…

That my sweet friend, is called your intuition.

Your intuition is literally your internal guide through life, and it will call you on a daily basis to say ‘Hey, what’s up. You should do this!’, or ‘This isn’t right for you, move on with love’ It will speak to you through feelings. If it is calling, and you feel light, free, enlightened, excited, happy, motivated and empowered, then you know it is your truth. How ever, if it is calling and throughout your body your feeling angst, uneasy, unhappy, tight chested, and restricted, then you know it isn’t your truth.

Either way, your job is to constantly be guided by your intuition, and respond truthfully when she is calling. Not always easy right? This is because a lot of the time, instead of being guided by our intuition (how we feel) we are guided by our thoughts (what we think) The two are very different. One is coming from a place of love, the other is coming from a place of fear. And when ever we don’t listen and respond to our intuition, there is ALWAYS a consequence, and a sweet kick up the butt from the universe!

Let me give you an example. Recently, I was in a situation I knew wasn’t serving me anymore. In fact it wasn’t serving me at all. Everything about it was toxic and inauthentic (take me away from that any day thanks!) It was making me feel uneasy, anxious, unhappy and unmotivated when I was around it. On the flip side, I wasn’t serving or adding value anymore either, because I had simply ‘checked out’ When we aren’t doing things from a place of truth, not only does the situation not add value to us, we don’t add value to the situation anymore either. So it really is a disservice for everyone involved. Every single part of my body and cells, were screaming at me to ‘abort!’ But I didn’t. I stayed out of fear of what ‘might’ happen if I leave. This feeling of knowing I needed to abort, stuck around for months! But I continued to turn a blind eye to it, and pretend it wasn’t there.

Here’s a tip: You can’t ever fool or ‘trick’ your intuition in to believing something is right for you if it isn’t.

Then BAM! There it was, just as expected, the universe kicked me right up the butt, and I was left in a position where I had no choice but to leave the situation. And that is how the universe works. Leaving the situation was scary, because I was once again, stepping out in to the unknown and unfamiliar. I could have let that fear, get the better of me again, and continued to stay in a situation that was no longer serving me, but because I know what I know now, it was in that very moment of the event occurring, that I knew this was the universe working in her divine ways. I knew, this was a blessing in disguise. So I listened to her, and responded. I left the situation. Although there was a whole heap of perturbation I had to mentally push through, I used it as fuel, and instantly, I felt lighter, happier, energised and like I had just taken another step in to my truth. WINNING!

Literally, within days of this happening (not to my surprise what so ever) it is like a whole new world of more opportunity, happiness and abundance has been planted right in front of me, and it FEELS so freakin’ right! Why? This is not a coincidence. Oh no. This is what happens when we are constantly being guided, and responding to our truth. The universe will continue to reward you with exactly what you want to create your dream life.

Moral of the story – It is YOUR job to show up to, and respond to your truth. And when we don’t there will ALWAYS be a consequence. It may not occur straight away, it may take months, sometimes years, of you constantly in a game of tug-of-war between your fear and your intuition, but eventually, your truth is going to win, and you will receive a nice big wake up call from the universe saying ‘Alright sister, if your not going to listen, then I am going to make you listen!’

So I am going to ask you now gorgeous, where in your life are you not responding to your intuition? Is there a certain area in your life where you feel uneasy, angst, unhappy and a sense that things just aren’t right? I am going to encourage and hopefully inspire you to really listen to that. Is it not right for you anymore? Does the situation or person not add value or serve you anymore, and ultimately, are you not adding value to the person or situation? You only get one shot at this beautiful gift we are given called life. It is too short to be spending it down a road that is not right for you anymore. You have BIG things to do! And you will only serve at your best, when you are following your intuition.


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