Self check your vibrations!


Where is your energy at? What vibrations are you giving off to others? Are you infectious, contagious, magnetic, or are people running 10 miles in the opposite direction when you are around?

Firstly my darling, don’t freak out. Don’t start over analysing or beating yourself up. Your mean girl has probably just popped in as we speak and filled your mind with a hundred negative thoughts like, omg, yes people don’t like me, or, yes I feel like people run away from me, or it may feel like she has just grabbed a sprooker and yelled in your ear, YOUR AN ENERGY DRAINER! Of course she did, she has nothing nice to say remember! Really, what I am saying here is, this isn’t a chance for you to start over analysing yourself nor worry about what others think of you. Remember, what others think of you is none of your business  so I am not about to tell you to start worrying about what others think either. Remember, if someone has a problem with you, the problem they have is actually with themselves, but what I am going to teach you here is, how to become totally aware of your energy and vibrations and how you can lift them!

Here is your vibrations check list!

How to become aware of your vibrations and lift them

  • When you are in conversation with others, what words are you using? Are they positive or negative? Become aware of your language, and use positive, encouraging words!
  • SMILE! A smile goes such a long way and can immediately make someone feel uplifted! This will also automatically lift your vibrations and others will feel instantly lifted by you
  • Encourage others. No matter who they are, if someone is struggling with something, be that positive light and voice of encouragement. Even if others aren’t struggling, be encouraging anyway!
  • BE KIND. This is a big one! Being kind costs nothing, and makes all the difference. Being kind to others will always lift your vibrations and make you a much more pleasant person to be around. Even if it means being kind to someone that is unkind, remember the problem they have is within them, not you, so be kind anyway because you never know, that might just be the change they need.
  • Don’t Gossip – ok lets be honest here. Everyone gossips, and we are ALL guilty of it (yes I raise my hand too) but this doesn’t make it ok. Gossiping is always going to be an energy drainer, and do we feel good deep down when we know we are gossiping? No, we don’t. I always make a conscious effort to not gossip, and if I have a problem, I’ll address the person directly. Think about how you feel when you are talking to someone and they are gossiping about someone else. The vibrations certainly aren’t very high.
  • Stop complaining – Ok yes, we all need to vent sometimes, and I am not saying to not speak up when something truly doesn’t sit well with you. There is a big difference between speaking up when necessary and when something is affecting you or others in a negative way, to just complaining, well, for the sake of it, over things small and petty. Eventually, this just becomes draining for others and your energy, along with others, will be pretty low.
  • Be comfortable in your own skin – nothing is more attractive then someone who is just happy being themselves. They know who they are, they embrace every part of themselves, they stay true to their values and they aren’t afraid to show it or become vulnerable. This is not only a very sexy quality, but it is also very inspiring! Think about how you felt the last time you were with someone that was just comfortable in their own skin, its infectious and contagious
  • Be open minded – Learn to have an open mind towards people and any situation. Being closed minded, you limit not only yourself, but others too. Get rid of ‘its my way or the high way’ mentality and be graceful in all situations. Remember, there isn’t always one answer or one solution to everything in life, and if you can be that person that can show another perspective, thats an attractive quality and is also very lifting for others.
  • Lastly, be real – Being real and authentic is nothing but uplifting. When you can be real with others, open and honest, you feel at ease because you aren’t trying to pretend to be someone you are not. And believe it or not, others can smell inauthenticity a mile away! So don’t think you are fooling anyone. Just be yourself, because you are enough and when others get to see the real you too, that energy is awesome!

There you have it my beautiful friends. Start off with this checklist daily, and I can assure you, you will find that not only will you feel lifted and have a lot more positive energy, but your vibrations will be so magnetic, you will instantly uplift others too.

With Love,

Alissa xx