What is it? And how do you even know what your truth really is?

These are two very pressing questions that we can ALL have on a daily basis, and questions I come across a lot with clients. It can feel uncomfortable and unsettling, and at times we can even feel lost. Sometimes our mean girl will say to us, ‘how dare you speak your truth, you can’t do that’, and sometimes we don’t even know what our truth is because we have become so disconnected with ourselves, and this is when we are left feeling lost, and a lot of the time, we find ourselves verbally saying, ‘I don’t feel myself’ Sound familiar?

The good news is, the answer to this question, ‘What is my truth?’ lies within you already, you just have to learn to tap in to it, and I am going to tell you how…

The first thing you need to understand and become REALLY good at recognising is, your ‘mean girl’ the voice inside your head that likes to tell you, you can’t, or you aren’t good enough, or your not pretty enough.  We tend to become really good friends with our mean girl. You know that mean girl at school that no body likes because she is so mean to everyone, but everyone wants to become friends with, because she has that much power of you, you fear her more if you aren’t on her ‘good side’? And as a result, we completely change who we are, just to ‘fit in’

I know a lot of you a probably going ‘YES,YES that was me! I did that!’ 

Well girl, you aren’t alone. I spent most of my primary school, and early high school years, becoming ‘friends’ with that ‘mean girl’, just to fit in..

When we bring it back to our own internal mean girl, she is also called our ego, and our ego is fed by our fear, and our fear is never real, it is simply just our interpretation of a situation. YUK. It’s not a pretty cycle is it?

The not so good news is she is never going to leave. Your mean girl is always going to show up, but now that you are aware of who she is, you have two choices.

1. You can buy in to the crap she is feeding you


2. You can gently tell her to leave the next time she pops up.

So how do we know what our truth is…?

Here is the best part, your truth isn’t a voice of any kind, nor is it a ‘thought’. Your truth is a feeling. It is that feeling you get at the very pit of your gut when you hear something, say something or do something.

If something is your truth, you will feel






You will feel at peace and a feeling that, ‘this is right’.

If you are saying, doing, or hearing something that isn’t your truth, you will feel:





+and at the pit of your gut, you will experience a sick feeling.

This is a sign that what ever you are doing, or saying is NOT your truth.

Because our ego and our mean girl is so overpowering, we tend to ignore our ‘truth’ and we listen to the voice inside our head instead. We tend to be easily influenced by others when we feel unsure within ourselves. When we aren’t clear on who we are, and what our truth is, it stems from a lack of self worth, self love, confidence and an undying belief within ourselves. When you can completely own who you are and step in to your truth, living becomes effortless, and SO much more blissful.

Sure, as I said earlier, your mean girl will always show up. But now you know how to make a clear distinction between her (your voice) and your truth (a feeling) I encourage you, as of right now, to start paying attention to what you are feeling the next time you say or do something. Pay attention to how your body is responding, and to the feelings you get right to your very core, and that gorgeous, is YOUR truth. What is true for you will not always be true for someone else, and that is OK! In fact, if your truth is different to some one else, then you are most probably on the right track and staying true to you.


Share the love…!

Go out in to the world today gorgeous and be nothing but YOU. I would love you to share with and others below, when was a time you experienced either of these feelings in regards to your truth (it felt right, or it didn’t) and what did you do to move forward?

With Love,

Alissa xx


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