Stop waiting for permission. Your rehearsal is over, the time is now.

Lately, one thing that has become so evident to me, more so then ever before, is how many women I see waiting for that big tick of approval. That permission slip that say’s ‘You can now pursue your dream life’ My girl, I am here to tell you that it needs to stop!

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of looking to other people for permission to do what we want to do. We do it in all sorts of different circumstances — whether it’s our health, our life or our love life, we want that external reassurance, and it’s a really bad habit to fall in to. When we look to someone else for permission to do what we want to do, we are handing over the power to others, and allowing them to control the outcomes in our life…Not exactly the most enlightened way to live, right?!

I did this for so long. Constantly waiting for someone to say ‘Alissa, you can do that, go for it!’  Whether it was to pursue something I wanted to pursue, exercise a certain way, eat a certain way, allow my body rest when it needed it, almost everything! I would even listen when people said I couldn’t do something! It wasn’t until I realised when things started to happen in my life, that I wanted to create, it was because I was the one who made it happen. I gave myself the permission. And now, it is your turn beautiful. Grant yourself your own permission.

The rehearsal to your life is over, your time is NOW!

So why do we wait and seek others permission?

Basically it comes down to a few reasons. Not trusting or having faith in our own decisions is one, but the main reason I have found remained true for myself, and other women around me, was because we let fear and the uncertainty of stepping outside our comfort zone get in the way.

It is ingrained in us to seek outside approval, and it takes a little unlearning to really reprogram this belief. It takes time and commitment, but it’s a challenge I am wholeheartedly dedicated to, and I hope I can inspire you to do the same.

So how do we give ourselves full permission to live our truth and to create our dream life? — Well, we have to have our own back.


But after years of second-guessing yourself and looking to others for approval and permission, your probably asking how on earth am I going to do that!?

You first have to go within. You have to say to yourself ’You’ve got this’. You need to REALLY feel with every fibre in your body that you have your own back no matter what. I know this might sound ‘woowoo’ but it works. Whenever I feel like I’m seeking acceptance or approval outside of myself, I stop, become aware that’s what I am doing, and turn inward. I simply say to myself ‘You can do this. Trust in yourself and your decision more Alissa’ Doing this has helped me so much. And every time I practice this, it is like a muscle, it becomes stronger and stronger each time.

In my Hour Of Power sessions, I see so many incredible and capable women, just waiting for others to tap them on the shoulder and say ‘You can do it’ and it breaks my heart, because I can see the potential in each and every single one of them! They have such big dreams that are going to be game changing when they can just let go of fear and go for it! And that is why, by stepping in to my truth, and giving myself permission, a beautiful ripple effect occurs. I then inspire others to do the same. When you can grant your own permission to live your truth, not only are you inspiring yourself, you are inspiring others to do the same. It is truly magical.

If you are waiting for that tap then I am granting you full permission right now. Stop waiting for the green light, or for someone to say ‘Go for it’. Your time is now! You aren’t getting any younger, and if there is something that you have been bursting to do, create, start, launch or make, then trust me, you need to go do it! The rehearsal is over. The show has started. And it’s your time in the spotlight. You will never, ever get this moment back ever, ever again. It’s gone forever! It’s in the past and now no longer exists. It’s just a figment of your imagination and now all that matters is this moment right here…

So beautiful, whether you find yourself looking for permission in your work, your career, your food choices, your health, your relationship, or anything else, the end result is always the same: by doing so, you’re dimming your own light and keeping yourself small.

And I know that’s not what any of us want.

So make it your mission to have your own back. Let’s all commit to giving ourselves permission to live our truth. To shine our light so damn brightly, that the world’s going to want to know what your all about! Catch yourself the next time you are just waiting in the stands and just get on the court.

Are you ready to commit to yourself beautiful? Are you ready to take the wheel, and step in to the drivers seat of your life?

I know you are, so lets do this together.


Share the love…!

Now I want to hear from you! I would love for you to share with me and all of the other amazing women that visit this space every day, what do you need to give yourself permission to do right now? What promise are you going to make with yourself and share it with me below. I cant wait to hear from you and thank you so much for being here and sharing so wholeheartedly.

With Love,

Alissa xx



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