Hour Of Power

Hey beautiful!

Would you like to spend an hour with me and connect with other amazing women? 

Then YES! Hour of Power is for you!

 Hour of Power is an evening I have created to bring together all of you incredible women that are wanting to build real friendships and spend an hour sharing stories, and listen to me talk you through some of the ways you can build the confidence to unleash your true potential in all areas of your life with a different topic each week, over a soothing herbal tea in a unique environment I have created just for you 🙂

 If you are needing that extra boost and leap of faith no matter what area of your life, then this is for you.

 We will begin with a meditation at the beginning of the evening to get you in the right frame of mind and set you up for the session. You will also get the chance to throw at me some of your most pressing questions and have them answered as it is safe place to share with each other (and me) !

 I am only taking 20 spots for the evening, so grab one of your girls and book in quick!

Please arrive at 6:45pm (or 7:pm) for a strict 7:00pm start as we being with a meditation.

I cannot WAIT to see you there!

With love and friendship,

Alissa xx

All we have is now

This week, I have really felt a push and an energy around the practice of being ‘present’. Being present no matter who I am with, or what I am doing, is something I try to consciously practice daily. However, being human, it is so normal to let our minds drift off in to past and future thinking.

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Speaking your truth – How do you know what YOUR truth is?


What is it? And how do you even know what your truth really is?

These are two very pressing questions that we can ALL have on a daily basis, and questions I come across a lot with clients. It can feel uncomfortable and unsettling, and at times we can even feel lost. Sometimes our mean girl will say to us, ‘how dare you speak your truth, you can’t do that’, and sometimes we don’t even know what our truth is because we have become so disconnected with ourselves, and this is when we are left feeling lost, and a lot of the time, we find ourselves verbally saying, ‘I don’t feel myself’ Sound familiar?

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