So you want change? Here is why you aren’t achieving it.

What do I mean by this? Well I mean to make any change in your life you need to be aware that change has to be made.

As humans, we tend to go through life complaining about things that we aren’t happy about. And they are always the same things!, right? We carry the same negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs, and hope for a better outcome or for change to happen. We are all guilty of it (yes even me!)

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Speaking your truth – How do you know what YOUR truth is?


What is it? And how do you even know what your truth really is?

These are two very pressing questions that we can ALL have on a daily basis, and questions I come across a lot with clients. It can feel uncomfortable and unsettling, and at times we can even feel lost. Sometimes our mean girl will say to us, ‘how dare you speak your truth, you can’t do that’, and sometimes we don’t even know what our truth is because we have become so disconnected with ourselves, and this is when we are left feeling lost, and a lot of the time, we find ourselves verbally saying, ‘I don’t feel myself’ Sound familiar?

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