So you want change? Here is why you aren’t achieving it.

What do I mean by this? Well I mean to make any change in your life you need to be aware that change has to be made.

As humans, we tend to go through life complaining about things that we aren’t happy about. And they are always the same things!, right? We carry the same negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs, and hope for a better outcome or for change to happen. We are all guilty of it (yes even me!)

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There is no such thing as perfect

It is true. We are our own toughest critic. This can be a good thing at times because it forces us to push harder and become our best, but most of the time it is detrimental to us and our wellbeing because it is setting an unrealistic expectation on ourselves. We all have this picture of ‘perfect’ in our minds, but I can tell you ‘perfect’ does not exist. We all have flaws and were born with them for a reason. To make each and every one of us unique. We ALL have our OWN identity. I often say, how boring would this world be if we were all exactly the same?! YAAAWN!

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