Respond when your intuition is calling (my latest wake up call)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you did something, and you don’t even know why you did it, but it just felt right? Whether it was the beginning of a new relationship or friendship, a plane ticket to Thailand, a new job, a meal you ordered at a restaurant, an online course you decided to register for, what ever it was, there was no explanation as to WHY you did it, it just felt like the right thing to do. Like you had an internal pull telling you to act upon it…

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Speaking your truth – How do you know what YOUR truth is?


What is it? And how do you even know what your truth really is?

These are two very pressing questions that we can ALL have on a daily basis, and questions I come across a lot with clients. It can feel uncomfortable and unsettling, and at times we can even feel lost. Sometimes our mean girl will say to us, ‘how dare you speak your truth, you can’t do that’, and sometimes we don’t even know what our truth is because we have become so disconnected with ourselves, and this is when we are left feeling lost, and a lot of the time, we find ourselves verbally saying, ‘I don’t feel myself’ Sound familiar?

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