The first 6 days of 2016 have been ‘Mind Blowing’ to say the least

Welcome to 2016! I am SO freaking excited to be back after some amazing downtime with my loved ones, and celebrating the festivities over Christmas. It’s such a magical time of the year isn’t it? 

I also cannot begin to tell you just in 6 days of 2016, how much I have already manifested, and solidified in to my life. It has actually been mind blowing to say the least. I have literally felt the magnetic, manifestation energy just buzzing through my cells like nothing else! I am seeing 11:11 everywhere, I will think about someone and they will contact me, I will think about something I would love in my life and I receive it, whether it is around my business, relationships, health, you name it, I called it in! It’s almost like I’m saying to myself ‘be careful what you wish for Alissa, and make sure it is what you want!’ 

 In just 6 short days, I have been invited to 3 amazing events, to meet some incredible people, one of those events, I decided at the time my money needed to be prioritised elsewhere even though I knew I SO badly wanted to go, I trusted in the power of manifestation. Two days later, I get asked to help out at this very event, with a free ticket in my back pocket (a heart incredibly grateful and bursting with love!) 

I have kicked every single business goal and then some – as well as being asked to join an incredible Mastermind with some amazing soul sisters (something I have wanted to do for a while now)

My darling partner has been moved with his work, to the VERY location we want to move to, and live this year..this is just the beginning of it.

I already know the power of manifestation, but boy oh boy, the first few days of this year has seen my manifestation powers launch to another level! And this is the reason for my post today. To show you how simple it really is. If you are a non-believer of manifestation and you think it is a load of ‘wish-wash’ I encourage you to choose again, now that I have shared with you, my experiences over the last few days. This stuff REALLY works.

Manifestation Formular

When you are aligned with your truth + living your truth authentically + with love + the belief you are WORTHY of what you desire = MAGIC HAPPENS BABY!

It is really that simple. You can read so many books, listen to so many speakers, and a whole lot of mind bogging, tips that just leave you TOTALLY confused when it comes to abundance and manifestation. Believe me, I know. I have read them too. But my dear it really is so simple. Follow the formula above, and just watch the magic shifts happen.

With that being said, if you want to start learning how to connect to your truth, and become a magnet for the things you desire in your life, I have FINALLY launched this week, my brand new e-book, ‘My Daily Canvas’ and I am SO excited about it! It is your step by step guide for 30 days to help you create new habits every morning, (the same habits) so that you can take charge of HOW you want to live each day.

season clearance-3


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If you feel someone else needs to hear this today, then please share away! And as always, thank you so much for being in this space with me, sharing so wholeheartedly.

With Love,

Alissa xx



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