What you focus on grows

Let me ask you this. Where is your attention right now? Are you focused on reading this, or is your mind wondering and thinking about all of the things you need to do today, what you are having for breakfast, when are you going to walk the dog today etc, etc?

Do you get up each day and focus on how ‘hard’ your life is, or what you still haven’t achieved yet, or how many red lights you caught on the way to work this morning, or how much money you don’t have?

To put it in it’s most simplest form for you, what you focus on, is exactly what you are going to get. Seems so simple right? Yet so often we forget the simplicity of this concept, and we are left scratching our head on a daily basis, saying things like ‘why me’ or ‘why are things so hard?’ or ‘why am I never achieving what I want to achieve?’ 

The answer is simple…what you focus on, grows. There is no trick answer, or a hidden equation that needs to be solved. What you focus on, on a daily basis, is what you are feeding. So I am going to ask you right now, off the top of your head, do you know where your mind and focus is on a daily basis? What consumes your mind? From the moment you get up in the morning, are you focused on what you DO want, or what you don’t want? It makes total logical sense when you think about it, yet we still allow ourselves to get so caught up constantly on the negative most of the time, when all it takes, is a change in focus, to change your life.

It is no surprise to me, that with so many of my clients, they have made dramatic shifts in a matter of just one week, all because they have changed their focus. I am talking things like I will get emails within a few days of our first session together, and they always begin with ‘Alissa, you will NEVER guess what has happened since our session! I have done XYZ, and XYZ has happened, I can’t believe it!’ But it is never a surprise to me. Because I KNOW the power of focus and intention. Intention goes hand in hand with focus. First comes your intention (what is it that you want) and then comes focus (your commitment to keeping what you DO want at the forefront of your mind every day)

Here is where it gets tricky..

The reason WHY we find it hard to focus on what we want, is because we hit these things called obstacles. We then start to question and doubt ourselves, and our ability ,and it becomes easier to focus on how hard it is, because staying committed to what we want means what? Pushing through these obstacles, stepping outside our comfort zone, and a lot of the time, it means taking responsibility as well. EEP! But that’s SCARY!

Yes, at times it can be scary, and requires us to be brave, and courages. But it is in those moments, you have to ask yourself:

How committed am I to creating change and achieving what I want to achieve?

How important is it really, to me?

And am I happy with being in exactly the same position, 6 – 12 months from now?

I guarantee, if you actually stopped and asked yourself the last question, your answer would be HELL NO! So then, if your answer is hell no, you need to make sure you are always checking in with yourself, and asking yourself, ‘what am I focussing on right now?’ Such a simple, yet so powerful question.

So what are you focused on sister? Are you committed to focusing on the things you DO want, every single day? Because I can guarantee you, if you do, your life will begin to change drastically! The next time you find yourself questioning and asking ‘why is my life not the way I would love it to be?’ I challenge you, to in that moment, just start by changing your focus to what it is your seeking, and the more you practice doing this, like anything, the easier it will become, and the outcomes in your life will begin to change as well.

Make this  your mantra for the next week

‘What I focus on, grows’


Photo by: Nerissa J Photography


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