Why becoming vulnerable is so important, and HOW you can step in to vulnerability

I get it. I SO get it. The thought of opening ourselves up whole heartedly to something we don’t know the answer to is freakin scary! Why? because we don’t know whether the outcome is going to be good or bad. This is why, becoming vulnerable can be such a hard thing to do.

BUT, can I tell you..

Vulnerability is your access pass to all of the things you want, but not yet have, such as love, happiness, freedom, success, health.

How? Because once you allow yourself to become vulnerable, and allow 100% of you, to jump in to something new, you are allowing yourself to gain something beautiful.

Is there risk involved? Like everything, yes, of course. There is always a chance that something isn’t going to work out. But you can choose how you look at that too. I don’t believe there is such thing as failure, Just lessons. And for every risk you take that doesn’t work out, you can choose to learn the lesson and grow, or you can choose to shut yourself off emotionally and physically, and make the decision to not become vulnerable again. But we know that is only going to keep you in the same place for far too long. And you are here to shine brighter then that girl.

You see for so long, I let the fear and hurt of past relationships, stop me from becoming vulnerable in my current relationships. While at the time, this seemed like a really good idea, because my mean girl was saying to me, ‘Yea, thats right Alissa, you shut yourself off and don’t allow yourself to become vulnerable because last time you did that got hurt, and it’s only going to happen again’ Boy do I wish I knew better back then. I kept wondering why the hell my relationships weren’t working out. Duh! How could they when I wasn’t even fully IN the relationship. How could they work out when I wasn’t allowing myself to fully feel the love of another person, or open myself up to the possibility of being loved again. And then I would blame the other person, because it didn’t work out.

Becoming vulnerable always starts with you. It comes down to how strong the relationship you have with yourself is. How much do you trust you? How much do you love you? Knowing that if things don’t go to plan, the relationship you have with yourself is going to determine HOW you respond. It always will. That is why my mission is to teach women how to build an unbreakable bond with themselves so that everything else in their life can fall in to place.

Another thing I want you to understand too, is becoming vulnerable means you are ready to fully commit. If you decide you are going to be ‘all in’ then you need to be ALL IN. Stepping in and out of vulnerability in any situation is only going to cause you confusion, and more then likely, it will end up sabotaging a good thing.

Am I starting to paint a clear picture for you now? I want you to look at every single area of your life,. Your love, health, wealth, everything. Turn inward, and become completely honest with yourself. Have you fully let down your walls, and are you ALL IN in every area? If the answer is no, I want you to just be open to accepting that you may be missing out on all of the beauty it actually has to offer you. Be open to the possibility that from now on, you are going to fully commit, which means becoming completely vulnerable. Knowing and understanding that vulnerability is your pass to experiencing complete bliss. Instead of saying to yourself, ‘why is this just not working out’ ask yourself instead, ‘have I allowed myself to be completely vulnerable so that I can experience fully, what ever XYZ has to offer me’

Being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness. In fact it is the complete opposite. Vulnerability is a sign of strength. A strength that only you can find within you. No, not everything is going to have a perfect ending, but being ok with exactly that, will make becoming vulnerable that much easier.


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Now I want to hear from you! I would love for you to share with me and all of the other amazing women that visit this space every day, how are you going to practice becoming more vulnerable? And what scares you the most about becoming vulnerable? Are you going to open your heart and fully commit to something you TRULY want, so you can experience its full beauty. If you feel someone else needs to hear this today, then please share away! And as always, thank you so much for being in this space with me, sharing so wholeheartedly.

With Love,

Alissa xx



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