You have more than you think..

Just yesterday, I was sitting in my meditation, happy and content, and the words ‘Stop, and smell the roses’ jumped out at me almost instantly. And reflecting back now, I am not surprised..

My life and biz has skyrocketed over the last 8 weeks, and holy moly it has been ab-so-freakin-lutely AWESOME! I have grown even more as a person, learnt even more about myself, been pushed outside my comfort zone (almost on a daily basis) and because of it all, I am finding that I just want to keep going! Keep climbing, keep teaching and inspiring, keep creating awesome content and programs for my tribe (that’s YOU!) and keep building an empire not only in my own business, but in my new side biz as well, which I run with a handful of other kick-ass coaches within Australia (literally the BEST coaches out there today)

Whilst I am so over the moon grateful I am living this life every single day, doing what I do, clearly, my inner me, my heart centre, had an oh so gentle little message she wanted me to hear. And that was, to stop, and smell the roses.

It was like she was saying to me,

“You are doing so AWESOME girl! Keep going, but just take a moment to stop and reflect on how much you already do have, and how much you HAVE already achieved every now and then, instead of always striving for more, or trying to decide what you can achieve next”

WOAH! I hear you loud and clear sista! And didn’t I need that gentle kick-up-the-butt reminder! Being the type of person I am, even from a young age, I have ALWAYS been one to push myself to do better when I am doing something I love. I am also not afraid to say, that throughout my life, I have achieved everything I really wanted to achieve to date, because I have so much passion, and a very tenacious personality. Even my dad from a young age always said I was very diligent when it came to something I wanted to accomplish. And I am SO proud of that trait in me. To be honest, it has got me to where I am today, and it will continue to take me places (the old me would have never acknowledge that. Be proud of myself? Pfft, what’s that about!?)

However, one thing I have never really been good at, is just recognising what I do have in my life, and what I have achieved. I always used to come from a place of ‘lacking’ instead of ‘full’ I guess that is why I pushed myself so hard to achieve so much. But there is a difference. That push can either come from a place of fear (lack) or from a place of love (fullness and excitement) Over the past couple of years, I have worked my toosh off to shift this default way of thinking, and to ALWAYS feel gratitude. Gratitude, if you don’t already know, is literally a magnet to attracting more of the goods! But just like anyone, I am still human, and every now and then I will slip back and find myself wanting more, or feeling like I haven’t achieved enough yet. This is not to say stop dreaming big, setting goals or wanting more for yourself and your life. ABSOLUTELY do that girlfriend! In fact I encourage you to keep aiming high.

Whilst you are doing that though, it is so important to check in with yourself regularly, and remind yourself that you are so enough, you do enough, and you have more then you think, seriously! After my gentle reminder yesterday, I immediately wrote down and reflected on just how awesome my life actually is, and just how much I do have, and I wanted to share my list with you, to inspire you to take a moment and do the same. Believe me, it felt freakin’ AWESOME.

– I have a roof over my head, clean water to drink, and food to eat

– I have an incredibly supporting partner who shows me unconditional love

– A loving family and puppy

– I work with the BEST freakin #bossbabes out there as well as run my own, growing, heart-centred biz, helping women create their dream life every single day

– I now have the best group of soulsisters a gal could ask for

– I have my health

– I have endless opportunity available to me if IΒ choose to rise up and take it

Reminding yourself of the things you DO have in your life, regardless of what you still want to achieve, will just give you this sense of feeling ‘full’ It also whips you back in to place the next time you feel like complaining that you feel you DON’T have enough πŸ˜‰

So beauty, I want you to take 5 minutes now, and just write down your own list. Take the time to reflect on how awesome your life actually is, as it stands, so you can keep moving forward with a full heart.


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With Love,

Alissa xx


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